7 Best Air Purifier for Pets with Ultimate Features

FeastHome Reviews – Having some fresh air in the house should be a high priority for you as well as your pets. A good quality air has benefits and contribution in serving you a healthy life. These best air purifier for pets help you provide clean and healthy air in your home.

They can also prolong your life span since you can get fresh air that free from odor, bacteria, and viruses. Your home will feel much fresher and healthier when you can get rid of airborne germs that spread in the air.

1. Best Sanitizer: GermGuardian AC4825

Best Air Purifier for Pets


best air purifier for petsWithout you realizing it, the air that you breathe can contain so many harmful bacteria that carry some malign viruses, which is bad for you if you happen to have respiration-related disease. That’s why you need a purifier that’s not only good but user-friendly, too.

GermGuardian AC4825 has the features to eliminate all of those detrimental air problems such as pollen, pet dander, and other dangerous micro-organisms. With HEPA filtration design, it can a beneficial device for filtering the air that catches dust and allergens.

  • Reducing unpleasant odor coming from pets, smoking, and other pungent smells.
  • This device is quite affordable, easy to clean and maintain.
  • Needing some more advanced features.
  • It’s a bit loud.

2. Best for Dust: LEVOIT LV-H132 Air Purifier

Best Air Purifier for Animalsbest air purifier for pets

Pets are our family members. When you feel sad or tired, they’ll always be there for you to cheer you up. It is sheer bliss to see them doing ridiculous things like chasing their nails or fighting one another.

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LEVOIT LV-H132 Air Purifier can increase the healthy level of the air condition. By purifying the air, you’ll get an indoor fresh air that obviously what your pets need. It’s your duty to give what’s necessary for them, of course.

  • It doesn’t make a noisome sound at night, which allows you to sleep like a log.
  • With a small design, you can place it everywhere you think fits.
  • It doesn’t come with an automatic shut-off.

3. Best Performance: Winix HR1000

Best Air Purifier for Petsbest air purifier for petsWinix HR1000 can be called as one of the best air purifiers. It has features that would amaze you. With 5 stage air purification system, this device holds some advantages you need. The washable pre-filter system will wipe out almost all of the particles that come from pets.

The CD carbon filter is the worst enemy for decreasing the amount of VOCs and other common indoor odors that present in the air, including smoke.

  • Mold spores, dust, and pet dander are airborne allergens that can be caught and killed with the true anti-microbial HEPA filters.
  • PlasmaWave Technology is one of the smart features that separate chemical vapors and air pollutants without transmitting negative Ozone.
  • Some argue that the Plasmawave system can cause asthma.

4. Best Budget: Hamilton Beach 04383

Best Air Purifier for Petsbest air purifier for petsHamilton beach 04383 comes in a small shape that you can put everywhere without consuming some significant space. This purifier can create a nice place to breathe by capturing small particles including animals’ dander as well.

When you breathe some fresh and good-quality air, you’ll be able to stay relaxed. You can set the speed operation for various needs. From the fastest, medium or low speed, choose any setting you think suitable.

  • Doesn’t come with a True HEPA filter.
  • A bit noisy and lacks high-end features.
  • A burning smell may show up after years of using.

5. Best Reviewed Product: Blue Pure 411

Best Air Purifier for Animalsbest air purifier for petsGood sleep really has a major effect on your health. You won’t have it if your surroundings are somewhat noisy. With the lowest setting of the three-speed fan, Blue Pure 411 is actually a whisper-silent device, and you’ll find it quiet when operating at night.

With the three-stage filtration process, it can be used for trapping bigger particles such as dust and animal hair that flies around in the air – the pre-filter is colorful as well as washable. Say goodbye to the unpleasant smell coming from food, and pet odors.

  • It comes with smart features and handy.
  • It has good reviews.
  • The dust filter isn’t that impressive with no True HEPA filter available

6. Best Allergy-Friendly Purifier: RabbitAir MinusA2

best air purifier for petsbest air purifier for petsThe RabbitAir MinusA2 is embedded with a 6-stage filtration system and has a thin shape that you can put on the wall, which you can save more space. Those filters are essential to get rid of pet dander, odor, including cigarettes.

It can also cover a wide area of about 815.sq.ft. Moreover, it’s also certified as asthma and allergy-friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, which is good news for you who struggle with that disease.

  • Cheap replacement filters.
  • It’s equipped with remote control.
  • Energy saving.

7. Best Built: Pure Enrichment PureZone

Best Air Purifier for Petsbest air purifier for petsbest air purifier for pets

The Pure Enrichment PureZone features the True HEPA filter that traps 99.97% of air pollutants and indoor odors that can be bad for your lungs as they contaminate the air. It can also create pure air for you to breathe with less noisy.

In addition, the UV-C light terminates potentially airborne viruses like germs, bacteria, including mold spores. The set up is quite easy and you can control it with the settings panel to a particular setting you like best.

  • When you’re in a hurry and forget to turn it off, you can just turn it off with the timer.
  • You can easily carry it around since it’s lightweight.
  • You won’t forget to change the filter as it has filter reset indicator to remind you to do so.
  • Doesn’t cover a large area.
  • Mediocre performance.
  • Lack of settings

From covering a large space, effectively destroying airborne germs and saving energy, there are a number of air purifiers you can pick after weighing up first their performance and price. And you can safely spend some money on a high-satisfaction product with good reviews.

You can be pretty confused when deciding the best air purifies for pets since they offer you different values, costs, and functions together with their pros and cons.

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