9 Best Deals on Microwaves to Cook Like a Chef

FeastHome Reviews – If you’re looking for some best deals on microwaves and you don’t know where to find, you’ve come to the right place. In this page, we’ve rounded up some products of microwaves with the best deals. All of them are available on Amazon.

For people who get around the kitchen a lot would understand the importance of microwave. It’s an essential part of their culinary lives. It’s used to heat up the leftovers, soften up the butter, cook up asparagus, and more.

Here are 7 of the best deals on microwaves you can buy on Amazon.

1. PANASONIC Countertop Microwave Oven (NN-SN736W)Best Deals on Microwaves

Best Deals Microwaves

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This countertop microwave oven is brought to you by Panasonic which is well-known for its quality and durability. This microwave is packed with inverter technology to get your cooking faster and more delicious.

It’s more cool features that are really helpful for your cooking activity. It also comes with a good price.

  • It’s got a sensor inverter turbo defrost for a quick and even cooking.
  • You can keep the food warm and delicious with the Keep Warm Feature.
  • It comes in two colors: black and white.
  • The size and shape look perfect for your kitchen counter.
  • It only knows one cooking temperature “Overcooked”.
  • There’s an issue on the Defrost Mode feature.
  • The Panasonic support and customer service are terrible.

2. Westinghouse WCM22120SSMBest Deals on Microwaves

Best Deals Microwaves

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Westinghouse Electric Corporation is a world-leading company for its electrical equipment. This countertop microwave oven from Westinghouse is one of their great products you might want to have in your kitchen.

  • It features 10 cooking power levels that allow you to get a quality meal anytime you want.
  • It’s packed with an easy menu button that only requires one touch.
  • The weight or time defrost option is automatic.
  • It’s got a front panel made of stainless steel for great look and works.
  • It’s completed with a safety lock for the children.
  • Some costumers faced some issues with the button opening the door.
  • It did not last 2 years. Some costumer even only gets the product worked properly for 3 months.
  • The clear plastic covering the numbers doesn’t last long.
  • The start button position and size is not ideal.

3. Sharp Countertop Microwave Oven ZR559YW

Best Deals on Microwaves

[Currently unavailable in Amazon]

The 2017’s model of this Sharp’s microwave looks stunning in white. You can get it on Amazon, it is the best deal for such microwave open with a complete feature. This countertop microwave is available in three styles, white, black, and stainless steel.

  • It has a convenient +30 seconds key to get you an instant start of the microwave.
  • You can start it by only touching one button.
  • It’s packed with a cook sensor technology precisely.
  • The auto defrost feature will guarantee the accuracy and quickness of the thawing.
  • If you buy it on Amazon, you will get the packaging E-commerce-ready.
  • After using for months, the microwave will likely to get overheated.
  • It has some defective keypad.
  • It comes from poor quality control.

4. Cuisinart CMW-100Best Deals on Microwaves

Best Deals Microwaves

[amazon box=”B000IW9J20″ template=”horizontal”]

Check out the look of this affordable microwave. The build quality is made of stainless steel material. It’s available in two sizes 1 cubic foot and 1.5 cubic foot.

  • The touchpad controls are with LCD.
  • It has two defrost functions.
  • There’s a three-year warranty.
  • It has a stylish chrome handle.
  • It was made of BPA free material.
  • There’re some issues of user-warranty claim.
  • Some parts are out of cheap plastic.
  • Cuisinart customer service is terrible.

5. Amana RMS10DSBest Deals on Microwaves

Best Deals Microwaves

[amazon box=”B00AY000UG” template=”horizontal”]

This microwave comes with a dial timer and a stainless-steel body. If you want to get the best deal on this product, you need to choose the size 0.8 Cu. Feet. The commitment of the Amana brand is to make the product where quality meets affordability.

  • This RMS10DS is easy to operate with the classic dial timer.
  • It’s got a spacious inner space.
  • It has a see-through door to do the monitoring.
  • The stainless-steel material offers easy cleaning and commercial look.
  • It’s easy to maintain.
  • The warranty is only available for commercial food service use.
  • It’s quite expensive for a small microwave.
  • It keeps running when the door open.
  • The customer service is terrible.

6. LG LCRT1513ST Countertop Microwave Oven

Best Deals on Microwaves

[Currently unavailable in Amazon]

LG is one of the most popular brands for electronic products. This microwave comes with the sensor cooking technology that allows it to sense the humidity levels of the oven. It would help to give an optimal heating performance.

  • The innovative round cavity offers a better interior space.
  • It features an EasyClean interior for a quick and high performance.
  • It’s easier to clean than other similar products since it’s got no edges that you may hard to reach.
  • It’s easy to cook with one-touch settings
  • The operation sound is a bit too loud.
  • The display is too small.

7. Toshiba EC042A5C-SSBest Deals on Microwaves

Best Deals Microwaves

[amazon box=”B076V5DJ4S” template=”horizontal”]

It is comes with two styles, black stainless steel, and original stainless steel.

  • It features auto menu for baking, defrosting, and roasting.
  • It has sensor cooking and reheating functions.
  • You could get an all-in-one cooking experience.
  • The stainless steel material is easy to clean.
  • The buzzer can be muted.
  • It’s not recommended being installed inside a cabinet or confined space.
  • It should come with a longer warranty.


After all, those best deals on microwaves could be a good reference for you who want to buy a good microwave for your kitchen. For us, the best product among all 7 is the Westinghouse Counter Top Microwave OvenBest Deals on Microwaves.

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