The Best Japanese Rice Cooker to Cook Perfectly

FeastHome Reviews – If you think having the best Japanese rice cooker will provide you with the best-cooked rice, you’re probably right.

Because Japanese people have a heritage of rice as a staple food and they know how to cook it perfectly, rice cookers from Japanese brands are the most recommended.

In choosing a rice cooker, you should consider its ability to cook various kinds of rice well: white, multigrain, brown, sushi, etc. The capacity should be based on your needs and the number of family members in the house.

So, here are some of the best Japanese rice cooker products that are well worth considering.

1. TOSHIBA Vacuum Pressure IH Rice Cooker RC-10VRG-R

Best Japanese Rice Cooker

Best Japanese Rice Cooker

This rice cooker is probably the most expensive one in this list. It’s manufactured by a well-known Japanese brand, Toshiba. With such high-quality performance, it seems like this rice cooker deserves to be priced high.

This Japanese rice cooker is packed with decent features such as LCD control panel, timer reservation cooking, vacuum water absorption, and more. You can cook your rice quickly and finely.

  • The design looks stylish.
  • It has great durability.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • It’s still very expensive for a rice cooker.
  • The power cable is not universal.

2. Tiger JNP-1800-FL

Best Japanese Rice CookerBest Japanese Rice Cooker

This Tiger rice cooker has a capacity up to 10 cups and it comes with four choices of color styles, white, urban satin, lovely flower, and stainless steel. It’s ideal to serve rice for the entire family. It’s one of the JNP series from Tiger which has been a standard in households for many years.

  • The measuring is easy and simple.
  • It makes delicious rice and keeps it warm automatically.
  • It’s one of the most affordable rice cookers on the market.
  • The quality is trusted.
  • It’s only good for making white rice.

3. Panasonic SR-DF101

Best Japanese Rice CookerBest Japanese Rice Cooker

This 5-cup rice cooker from Panasonic offers you easy cooking without even bother to get it overcooked because of the automatic shut-off function. Even though the size is small, it’s able to produce a consistent result.

It features one-button operation that makes cooking more easy and convenient. There’s also a fuzzy logic technology that will work according to the quantity of the rice you’re about to cook. It’s ideal to cook rice for few people.

  • Advanced fuzzy technology is very helpful to cook efficiently.
  • One-Touch cooking makes the rice cooker easy to use.
  • It provides exceptional versatility.
  • It’s very affordable.
  • It comes not in very good quality.
  • The instructions need to be better.
  • It takes too long to cook white rice.

4. HITACHI 0.36 Liter Portable IH Rice Cooker RZ-VS2M-N

Best Japanese Rice CookerBest Japanese Rice Cooker

This Hitachi rice cooker is the most unique one in this list. It’s also the best Japanese rice cooker on the market. The price is quite high for this rice cooker as you can find out on Amazon. People will love this rice cooker for its portability.

This small cooker with an iron pot is perfect to cook rice for your sushi. It’s an authentic and imported product from Japan, even the notations are still in Japanese. But, the capacity is only for 2 cups which is ideal for cooking sushi rice.

  • It’s very durable.
  • It has simple settings for ease of use.
  • It’s specially manufactured for Japanese people.
  • The capacity is too small.
  • The price is too expensive.
  • The shipment will take more time because it’s from Japan.

5. Tiger JAX-T10U-K

Best Japanese Rice CookerBest Japanese Rice Cooker

The JAX-T series of rice cooker from Tiger has a slogan ‘Healthy, Balanced, Better’. It reflects the quality of this product that provides fluffy rice time after time. Tiger has its own innovative feature called ‘Tacook’.

Tacook is a built-in synch-cooking function that allows you to cook both rice and a main dish at the same time. It’s guaranteed that the flavors won’t be affecting each other.

  • It has its own original inner bowls that made of thick stainless steel (Tacook).
  • It has micom technology to monitor the cooking.
  • There’s an LCD display screen combined with a simple design for easy operation.
  • It’s multi-functional.
  • The steam cap and inner lid are removable.
  • It doesn’t have Fuzzy Logic technology.
  • It cooks rice inconsistently.

6. Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 5

Best Japanese Rice CookerBest Japanese Rice Cooker

The advanced fuzzy logic technology in this Zojirushi rice cooker will cook the rice finely and efficiently based on the amount. It has five cook settings you will need to make every type of rice well cooked.

  • It has a steaming function to steam your favorite foods.
  • You can easily cook porridge without getting a risk to make it sloppy.
  • The inner cooking pan has side handles that stay cool.
  • The spherical shape of the inner pan will get the rice cooked evenly.
  • The inner pot is easy to get scratched and bubbled.
  • It has a battery issue.

7. Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH

Best Japanese Rice CookerBest Japanese Rice Cooker

It’s the inducted rice cooker and warmer from Zojirushi, a trusted brand from Japan. It’s packed with multi-menu cooking functions that are friendly to your cooking flow. It’s the most expensive product on this list and, of course, the best Japanese rice cooker if you have the budget.

  • It has all the things you need from a Micom rice cooker.
  • It’s so powerful for induction heating.
  • You can make the excellent quality of rice anytime you want easily.
  • The induction heating method is more superior to cook rice.
  • If you don’t cook often, this price is too expensive.
  • It takes a bit longer to cook rice at this price range.


Many people would recommend the rice cooker from the Japanese brand for others who want to make the best quality of rice.

Among those seven rice cookers, the best Japanese rice cooker is the Tiger JAX-T10U-K. It’s innovative and makes perfect rice with high-quality performance.

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