7 Best Kitchen Knives for Home Cooks: Worth to Buy!

FeastHome Reviews – A knife is a weapon for those who work in the kitchen. The best kitchen knives are absolute things to have. That means, having knives is an investment.

These knives recommendation can be your best references in choosing your cooking equipment and also can be used for everyday use.

Each type of knife is basically the same, but the materials and design divide their functions and durability. Seven kitchen knives below can be your references in buying your ‘kitchen weapon’.

Best Overall: Youshimuni Kurouchi Petty Knives

Best Kitchen Knives

best kitchen knives

Youshimuni Kurouchi Petty knives are famous in restaurants kitchen. These weapons are very good to work with vegetables.

The secret about these magnificent knives is they are made by good Japanese brands which make great blades. Even though there are many brands that make good knives, but not all of them make one like this in five to six-inch range.

Youshimuni Kurouchi Petty Knife is very good and fit to your kitchen experience like to rock back and forth for mincing and dicing veggies such as garlic ad shallots. It is also designed longer and taller. It is highly recommended to buy this knife for your kitchen needs.

  • They can open the sardines can or slice chicken legs.
  • This knife allows you to cut off your veggies and meats easily.

Best High-End: Masahiro Utility Knife, 6”

Best Kitchen Knifebest kitchen knives

Masahiro Utility Knife is another good friend of kitchen workers. The handle is made of wood and will lengthen the use of it. The wooden handle of this knife makes it feel right in the hand.

  • Its durability is needless to ask.
  • Its edge is 80/20 that means will ease you to do butcher and make accurate and more precise cuts.
  • Masahiro Utility Knife is very suitable to work for cutting veggies, slicing sashimi, butcher chicken and fish, and pretty much anything else.
  • Wood material isn’t resistant to water. You have to dry it completely before storing.

Best High-End: Kiya Hamono Gyuto, 22 cm

Best Kitchen Knifebest kitchen knives

Kiya Hamono Gyuto knives are best knife-work that can be executed with the best knife as well. It has the best materials to make and will ease chefs to work in the kitchen. Every chef should have this stainless steel knife. Its sharp blade will make works in the kitchen easier.

  • Its 22 cm length is very suitable to work for slicing fruit, cutting chives, portioning out meat fish fillets, meat pieces, and also cutting out a terrine.
  • These knives are also very durable to use.
  • It’s only available in Japan, but you can buy it in Amazon.

Best Low-End: Masanobu VG-10 Damascus Santoku

Best Kitchen Knivesbest kitchen knives

The weight of Masanobu VG-10 Santoku is just perfect. Designed with wooden handle and metal bolster makes it very easy to use by everyone who works in the kitchen.

The knife blade is very sharp that allows you to cut flesh or boning effortlessly. It is designed with stainless steel materials that make your works in the cutting of boning flesh easier. The wooden handle can be your best option to make the experience even better.

  • Wood material isn’t resistant to water. You have to dry it completely before storing.

Best Budget: Honyaki Sashimi Knife

Best Kitchen Knifebest kitchen knives

It is designed to bring a sacred atmosphere of a knife in Japan, where the length of a chef holding and working with his knife is ‘something’.

That makes this knife is very suitable for those who work with integrity and professionals. Its design makes your experience in the kitchen better and easier. The sacred atmosphere of knives in Japan creates such special ‘spirit’ in using these knives.

Mizu Honyaki product is a meticulous pure water quenching of process that results in the hardness of very refined steel during infusing the knives with enough resilient to perform such a consistent condition of its most exacting.

Honyaki has a meaning of ‘true forged’ and it is the genuine reflection of the Japanese traditional art of sword making.

  • Honyaki Sashimi Knife is designed with perfect balance.
  • For kitchen knives, the philosophy of sacred atmosphere is a little bit too much.

Best Budget Ceramic: Kyocera 3-Piece Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series

Best Kitchen Knivesbest kitchen knives

With this knife, you will be able to make super thin slices and minimize browning when you cut lettuce, apples, or similar foods. With careful use, the knife will last as long as your steel knife.

  • Ceramic knives have extraordinary sharpness and remain sharp longer than the usual steel blades, so they require less maintenance.
  • It’s also lighter, so you can slice and cut with less fatigue.
  • The disadvantage of ceramic knives is that they can break if they fall or are misused.
  • You can’t sharpen a ceramic knife with the usual sharpener. To sharpen these ceramic knives, you either have to buy a special sharpener or get it professionally honed at a nominal fee.
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Best Overall: J.A. Henckels Flexible Boning Knife, 5.5”

Best Kitchen Knivesbest kitchen knives

J.A. Henckels Flexible Boning Knife is famous for its durability and pretty good to boning out. It is very suitable for boning out veal legs and also lam legs. If you are working related to butcher, these knives are your best choice.

This knife is perfect for separating the meat from bones. Made from stainless steel of Germany high-quality has strengthened this Spanish-made knife.

One important aspect of this knife is its flexible material. It will make your working in cutting or separating meat from bone even easily.

  • It is designed to fit in your fingers.
  • Its slim design eases you to maneuver.
  • The only downside of this perfect product is it’s not available for international shipping outside the U.S.

Seven best kitchen knives above can be your best references in choosing your kitchen works needs as well. Many types of kitchen knives are designed with stainless steel and wooden handle, yet not as good as those six recommendations above.

Each type is designed with various length and style. Choosing the best kitchen knives for your cooking needs in the kitchen is not that complicated if you already got the recommendation above.

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