7 Best Personal Blenders that Perfectly Fit for You

FeastHome Reviews – These days, you live in a modern society. A fit and healthy body is a must. You can get all the nutrition that your body needs by consuming healthy food or drinks. Therefore, a personal blender should be ready in your bag. Here is our pick of best personal blenders for you.

Good habits will give you nothing but a healthy body and a happy life, and it needs to be supported with good food and beverages. It’s better if you make your own drink so that you know what exactly contains in it.

1. Best Pick: NutriBullet Pro

Best Personal Blenders


best personal blendersTo be in good shape, you would spend some time doing exercise in the gym, and you’re going to need a lot of energy so that you can properly do your workout. That’s why a personal blender that’s handy and functional is highly recommended for you.

The Nutribullet Pro 900 Fresh can crush down any fruits, vegetables or seeds with its powerful 900-watt motor and impressive extraction blades instantly. It can dissolve both fruits and vegetables to serve you a high-nutrient beverage to keep you stay fit.

  • It comes with membership to a cooking instructions site.
  • You’ll also get a 1-year warranty.
  • It comes in compact size and it’s easy to carry.
  • It makes a loud noise.
  • Leaks found after some time.

2. Best Budget: BLACK+DECKER FusionBlade

Best Blenders for Personalbest personal blendersFor you who are active, you may want to consider having a personal blender that’s not only quick for serving beverages or smoothies, but it includes a lightweight jar with a lid. Yes, the BLACK+DECKER FusionBlade comes with a couple of 20-oz jars

With a strong 275-watt motor, you can have a cold smoothie quickly and evenly by pulverizing ice with its stainless steel FushionBlade. It features with an on/off button to allow you to make your drinks in the right texture or taste when blending.

  • Cleaning it up will be simple due to its dishwasher-safe, jars blades and lids.
  • Simple operation with only one press.
  • 2-year warranty product.
  • The vivid look makes it easy to be noticed.
  • You may hear a loud noise coming out of the blender sometimes.
  • It can vibrate heavily so that your drinks can splatter.

3. Best Overall: Ninja BL456 Blenders

Best Blenders for Personalbest personal blendersIt works efficiently for blending whole fruits and vegetables by crushing them down, and it keeps the usually discarded part. The Nutri Ninja Pro features with a superb extraction to squeeze out all nutrients contained in any kinds of fruits and vegetables.

It can effortlessly destroy ice and seeds with consistency, thanks to its Extractor Blades. If you wonder whether the parts are BPA free, the answer is yes. They are BPA free as well as dishwasher safe – you’ll also find it has twisted sip and seal lids.

  • It comes with a booklet over 70 recipes to keep you occupied
  • Comes in black and silver color make it look sleek and elegant
  • You’re going to like the easy on-the-go sipping feature
  • You can wake your friends or roommate in the morning while making beverages with it
  • After several months, it leaves a black mark on the counter from bottom

4. Best Product: Cuisinart CPB-300

Best Personal Blendersbest personal blenders

The Cuisinart CPB-300 is armed with a 350-watt motor that you can operate it with one hand, including the electronic touch-pad. This blender can attract one’s attention with its attractive and stylish stainless steel touch.

In addition, the smart power portable chopping and blending system will get you a smoothie real fast with its thin and trim powerhouse. Besides that, it also includes BPA free plastic, which is a feature you should get when picking a personal blender.

  • All parts are shatter-resistant as well as dishwasher safe.
  • Cleaning up will be a breeze, so you can save some time.
  • Feature multiple blending speed setting.
  • Quite noisy.
  • You may need to hold it while blending as it shakes quite strong.

5. Best Value: BELLA BLA13984 Rocket

Best Blenders for Personal

best personal blenders

Powered by 700-watt, fruits, leafy greens or spices can be easily pulverized with the stainless steel blending blade. It has 5 blending tumblers that connect straightly to the blades, which allows you to enjoy any drinks you made directly.

Grinding nuts, coffee beans or spices will also be possible with this blender. The grinding blade can chop them very well to the exact texture you want. You can also make use of the tumblers with lids to store grounds too.

  • It can blend stuff quickly.
  • Easy to clean and sturdy.
  • You should bear with its noise for a while when blending.

6. Best On-the-Go: Magic Bullet Blender, Silver

Best Personal Blenders

best personal blenders

A personal blender should give you a handy design, easy-to-use feature with maximum power that can blend anything in an instant and also versatility. All these features can be found in the Magic Bullet Blender.

It’s equipped with 250 watts high-torque power base that can blend, whip and grind your preferred meals or beverages with a breeze.

  • It includes a recipe book to guide you to make delicious appetizer or dessert.
  • It’s affordable in the same range.
  • Its practical flip top to-go lid fit for you who is busy.
  • Some hiss noise and burning smell appear after months of usage, a customer said.

7. Best Design: Hamilton Beach 12412, Black

Best Blenders for Personalbest personal blenders

To be punctual is considered a good point in you. If you seem not to have very much time to start your day, the Hamilton Beach can be your personal blender that you’ll find really helpful to get you ready with your favorite smoothies or cold drinks.

When you’re driving, safety comes first. This blender has the portable cup with measuring marks on it so that it’ll help you to know how much your drink will be. It is also designed to fit with your car cup holders so you can drive with no worries.

  • You’ll get a travel lid plus a recipe book
  • It doesn’t make a loud noise
  • It may splatter as you fill it in full so that you need to hold it with your hand

To stay in good trim, you should have a determination to do routine exercises and eat some high-nutrition food to bolster up your body. Thus, making your own beverages will give you tons of benefits since there are lots of energy drinks come from not-so-trustworthy sources.

You’ll find our pick of best personal blenders list useful, and can help you decide which one suit you best.

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