Do you dare to create an exceptional purple kitchen in your home? If purple is your favorite color and you are ready for the challenge, this article will help to pull off the look.

It is no secret that the right combination of purple accessories and surfaces can personalize a kitchen and make it even more eye-catching. Besides, purple is a kind of color that can stimulate elegance and sophistication without too much effort.

However, different from white, gray, and other neutral colors, it will be hard to play with purple in your palette. To help you get started, here are 35 purple kitchens to get inspired by FeastHome.

Purple Kitchen Accents

Purple Kitchen

Let us start with something subtle first. This small kitchen is probably dominated by white considering that the ceiling, floor, and cabinets are all nearly in a shade of this neutral color. However, the purple cabinet accents are without a doubt remarkable.

The purple accents are applied randomly on the cabinets, offering striking visuals. The accents also blend seamlessly with the patterned backsplash that comes in light lavender.

Brilliant Purple Kitchen Cabinets

Purple Kitchen Design

The gray wall and backsplash in this kitchen make a nice backdrop for the regal purple kitchen cabinets. A medium shade of gray is chosen to go together with the deep purple cabinets.

Meanwhile, the countertops are in deep gray for an interesting contrast. On the other hand, the ceiling and floor are kept neutral with off-white tones.

Purple Central Island

Purple Kitchen Ideas

If your existing kitchen has an all-white scheme, bring in a purple central island for a sophisticated complement. Any shades of purple will indeed work great in your all-white kitchen. If you do not know which shade to apply, use the above kitchen as an example.

Country Farmhouse Kitchen

Purple Kitchen Design Ideas

The light purple island in this farmhouse kitchen is amazing. With a shiny wooden countertop, the island gives a lively element to the white scheme. To match the purple island, the bar stools are completed with purple cushions.

Moreover, you can also see some purple teapots displayed on the countertop along with a vase of purple flowers that match the island color.

Red Brick Walls

Purple Kitchen Design

This kitchen features red brick walls that provide a fascinating rustic affair to the whole space. The pop purple cabinets and island grab the most attention in this kitchen.

To keep the palette balance, white shaker cabinets and stainless appliances are added to the kitchen. The white marble backsplash and countertops also help the purple elements to stay standout.

Stainless Steel Countertops

Purple Kitchen Design Ideas

This kitchen dares to be different with its glossy purple cabinets. Stainless steel countertops are used to complement the glossy cabinets. The available space over the cabinets is utilized to display a collection of silver teapots and other appliances, offering a unique touch in this kitchen.

With adequate natural light and bright white backdrop, the purple cabinets do not make this kitchen feel cramped.

Two-Shade Shaker Cabinets

Purple Kitchen

If the idea of designing a purple kitchen excites you, this picture may find you well. With purple shaker cabinets that come in different shades, this kitchen appears beautiful without even trying.

The upper cabinets are in light eggplant purple while the lower ones are in orchid purple. The glossy brown worktop help harmonize the space by complementing the creamy walls and the wooden floors.

Some green bowls and accessories are displayed on the worktop to add color in this space.

Purple Kitchen Cupboard

Purple Kitchen Design

Do you still find it hard to include purple in your kitchen palette? In case you cannot inject this regal color on the cabinets or walls, try to paint the inside part of your cupboard in purple.

This kitchen is probably painted nearly in all white, but the purple cupboard is worth to be the talk of the neighborhood. You can opt for changing the wooden doors with glass doors to display the dishware collection.

Trendy Lavender Wall

Purple Kitchen Ideas

There is something warm and inviting about this kitchen. With a lavender wall and light wooden cabinets, this kitchen will make you love to spend more time there.

In addition to the light wooden cabinets, a light purple unit is also incorporated into this kitchen, complementing the lavender wall. The lighting unit hung over the round island is worth mentioning too. It has a unique rack to hang some pots and pans.

Stainless Steel Cabinets

Purple Kitchen

Stainless steel surfaces are highly versatile, considering that they work well against any color choices. In this kitchen, the cabinets and cooker hood feature stainless steel surfaces, offering a contrasting color to the deep purple wall accent.

A pair of floral pictures are displayed on the wall for a splash of color. To keep the palette harmonized, neutral colors as light gray and white are included too.

Rich of Lighting Units

Purple Kitchen Ideas

Employing a darker shade of purple does not make this kitchen less attractive than others do. With the use of various lighting units, this kitchen can appear wonderful despite the dark tones.

Crystal pendant lights are hung over the sink area for additional illumination to do the washing task. A unique chandelier is also there to give a calming vibe in the living area that is adjoined with the kitchen.

Deep Purple Backsplash

Purple Kitchen

Combining purple with natural wooden color has always been a good choice. This kitchen proves it right with its wooden cabinets and deep purple backsplash. The countertop is in a dark tone to support the backsplash, serving a unified look in the kitchen.

Gold Trim and Accents

Purple Kitchen Ideas

The gold trim and accents used in this kitchen add a premium touch to the design. You can look at the purple central island that seems even more majestic thanks to the gold line that comes across its surface.

Moreover, the brackets of the open shelving units are as well in gold, complementing the scheme perfectly. For a twist, the contemporary mood of this kitchen is completed with exposed wooden beams that contrast the clean, white ceiling.

Orchid Floral Backsplash

Purple Kitchen

A room with a purple theme needs to be accompanied by some natural elements. The purple cabinet in this kitchen is supported by orchid floral backsplash as a hint of natural accompaniment.

Meanwhile, the striped window treatment in this kitchen matches the color palette flawlessly. A series of pendant lighting with reflective surfaces is then hung over the kitchen to complete the scheme.

Black Countertops

Purple Kitchen Design Ideas

In a neutral color scheme, a deep purple central island with black countertop looks standout. To keep the kitchen feel airy, pale lilac and a lighter shade of purple are incorporated to the palette through the cabinets and walls.

Stainless Steel Backsplash

Purple Kitchen Design Ideas

The stainless steel backsplash in this kitchen makes an exceptional backdrop for the glossy purple cabinets. With its reflective property, stainless steel backsplash will help reflect the light in this kitchen for a more spacious feeling.

Purple Tile Walls

Purple Kitchen Ideas

If painting the kitchen wall in purple is too ordinary for your taste, why don’t you cover the surface with purple tiles? This kitchen acquires purple tile walls that seem amazing against the light gray lights and table.

Instead of the usual cabinet and countertop units, this kitchen features a table that homes several stoves and other appliances. This kind of kitchen is perfect for those who want to be different and exceptional.

Glass Purple Backsplash

Purple Kitchen Ideas

A glass backsplash is well known for its customizable look and easy-to-maintain trait. This kitchen features a glass backsplash in a deep purple tone that serves a striking accent against the matte white backdrop.

Even though a glass backsplash looks completely charming, it remains a neglected choice considering the high price of this material. However, it could be such a good investment for any purple kitchens out there.

Purple Modular Kitchen

Purple Kitchen

This purple modular kitchen style offers a unique vibe in a modern home. With a combination of white and magenta, this kitchen makes a perfect inspiration for those who want to introduce feminine affairs in their space.

Ambient lights are installed under the upper cabinets and the cooking hood for extra illumination. Meanwhile, the hidden ceiling lights can lighten up the whole kitchen for a brighter and airier mood.

Plum Wallpaper

Purple Kitchen

The floral plum wallpaper in this kitchen is indeed eye-catching. Covering almost all the surfaces of the wall, this floral wallpaper is enough to give a splash of purple in this kitchen.

The cabinets are in a deep eggplant tone while the flooring is in pale lilac. With a combination of bold, pale, and dark shades of purple, this kitchen appears awesome.

Purple and Gray Scheme

Purple Kitchen

Gray can go with many shades on the color wheel, and purple is no exception. This kitchen combines gray and purple shades very well. While the walls and the island are in the shade of purple, the cabinetry is in the shade of gray.

Purple Kitchen Rug

Purple Kitchen Design

If painting the walls in purple or bringing in purple cabinets is a bit too much for you, infusing the color through a kitchen rug will not be harmful. This kitchen is a great example with its white, mint green and purple scheme.

The purple rug has a simple pattern that will not distract the interior. A vase of flowers is also incorporated on the worktop for another burst of purple.

Gray Countertops

Purple Kitchen Design

The dark purple cabinets in this tiny kitchen are completed by the shiny gray countertop. Stainless steel handles and appliances make the kitchen look seamless and elegant.

Meanwhile, the subway tile backsplash and cabinet are in white to help the kitchen seems brighter and bigger despite the small space.

Purple Kitchen Appliances in LED Lights

Purple Kitchen Design

The calm and soothing atmosphere will embrace everyone visiting this kitchen. Thanks to the dark purple cabinets that are paired with white countertops, this kitchen does not look dull and boring.

The most remarkable part of this kitchen will be its LED purple lights that are installed on the ceiling. None can deny that the beautiful purple illumination made by the lights is highly eye-catching.

Lilac Accent Wall

Purple Kitchen Design Ideas

Lilac is a pale purple tone that is often used in many kitchens. Its relatively pale tone makes lilac a great option for designing any kitchens. You can even boldly paint most of your kitchen walls in lilac without lots of considerations.

This kitchen is one of the best examples if you want to paint your wall in lilac. In this kitchen, the chocolate brown cabinet is chosen to complete the space. In case you want to add another burst of purple, opt for a deep eggplant cabinet to switch the brown one.

Black Patterned Backsplash

Purple Kitchen

Mixing dark purple tone with other gloomy colors like black is probably one of the biggest mistakes you can make when designing a kitchen. However, you can avoid it by being creative enough in combining the colors.

Just like what you see in this tiny kitchen. The black patterned backsplash looks elegant between the purple cabinets.

Thanks to the white floral pattern, the amount of black on this backsplash can be minimized.

Coastal Purple Backsplash

Purple Kitchen Ideas

This is another great example where purple works well with other dark colors too. This coastal style kitchen has a stunning purple tile backsplash that looks perfect against the dark brown countertop and upper cabinet.

The lower cabinet is in the lighter shade of brown to avoid the kitchen looking gloomy. With enough natural light and lighting units, this kitchen will not feel depressing despite the rich dark colors used in the palette.

Purple Kitchen Island with White Top

Purple Kitchen Design

The wonderful stream of natural light in this kitchen makes every color work flawlessly. Among the creamy scheme, the purple central island with a bright white countertop has enlivened the space.

In the evening, pendant lights and wall sconces are ready to provide additional illumination throughout the kitchen along with the adequate ceiling lamps.

Soothing Mauve Cabinets

Purple Kitchen Design

Mauve is a pale shade of purple that has a soothing and calming quality. If you want to include purple in your palette but getting afraid of making the space feel too dark and instance, mauve may become a safe choice.

Clutter-Free Purple Kitchen

Purple Kitchen

This purple kitchen looks neat and clutter-free. The purple cabinet comes in a simple design and white top to keep its modern flair. An adequate amount of lighting is installed in this kitchen to make sure the space will not feel ominous.

All Purple Kitchen Walls Decor

Purple Kitchen Design

Even though this kitchen is somewhat narrow, the purple walls do not make it look gloomy thanks to the adequate natural light streaming through the wide window.

Pale Green Accent

Purple Kitchen Ideas

The combination of pale green and deep purple wall in this kitchen is indeed successful. Along with open shelving units and light-colored cabinets, this kitchen feels lively and airy. Some indoor plants are incorporated in the interior for an extra natural touch.

Adjoined Dining Area

Purple Kitchen Design Ideas

With a connected dining area, this kitchen has more elements to be painted in purple. To complement the purple cabinets, several purple chairs are arranged around the white dining table.

For a splash of color, a big indoor plant is set beside the dining area. Meanwhile, the basket of oranges just adds another interesting color in this purple and white kitchen.

Creamy White and Purple Backsplash

Purple Kitchen Design Ideas

This kitchen has a backsplash that combines creamy white, purple, and lavender colors. Not only offers a striking pattern, but this kitchen backsplash also becomes a seamless bridge between the deep purple cabinet and the creamy white one above it.

Gray Cabinet with Black Countertop

Purple Kitchen Design

Purple, gray, and black blend well in this kitchen. With a bright shade of purple, the wall offers an eye-catching backdrop for the gray cabinet and black countertop.


Is purple a good color for a kitchen?

Yes, purple can be a good choice for a kitchen’s interior palette. The lightest shade of purple can create a tranquility aura in the kitchen. Meanwhile, the deeper one can add a splash of elegance in the space.

What color goes well with purple in a kitchen?

You can opt for light brown, yellow cream, golden, and citrus yellow tones to complement a purple color palette in the kitchen.

What is the trendiest kitchen cabinet color today?

Gray is considered as the most famous kitchen cabinet color nowadays since it suits various styles and goes well with a wider spectrum of colors.

What color should I use to paint my kitchen?

When it comes to a kitchen, gray, white, yellow, green, and red are indeed popular. However, it should not make you hesitate to be different and go for purple shades.

How do interior designers use purple in a kitchen?

Interior designers typically use purple in the form of accessories to add depth and brighten up a neutral color scheme. They also tend to use purple as a backdrop to display antique silver and fine crystal pieces.

In conclusion, purple is probably not on the top of the list when it comes to favorable colors for a kitchen. However, its special charm can make a purple kitchen desirable. You can use the above ideas to include purple in your dream kitchen.

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