17 Outdoor Kitchen Style: A Small Paradise on Your Yard

FeastHome – An outdoor kitchen style has to be practical, and it can help you to run a small party to celebrate happy moments with delicious food. An outdoor kitchen style should be designed to fit your yard and look either casual or classy depending on your preference.

To have a small outdoor party sounds like fun. You can invite your friends or neighbors to make the party livelier.

1. Serve Tasty Food Outdoor Kitchen Style

outdoor kitchen style


When hosting a small outdoor party, you clearly need to have an outdoor kitchen that can help you to make your guests happy by serving what they need especially food. Food takes a big role to assist you to keep the party going.

2. Build a Pergola Outdoor Kitchen Style

outdoor kitchen style


A design could give an impression and what to expect from it. This outdoor kitchen, for example, is accompanied by a pergola with classic lamps. The kitchen itself appears to have a glossy surface in stainless steel.

The patio will protect the kitchen from rain or leaves that fall from trees. It’ll be bad when you’re cooking, but then it suddenly rains. Hence, the importance of having a patio comes.

3. Equipped with a Smoker Outdoor Kitchen Style

outdoor kitchen style


A smoker is a must kitchen appliance you should include due to its advantages for serving you the best barbeque or meals.

Bricks make a great combination when paired with stainless steel. You can have an exquisite look and durability at once, which can be a benefit to attract more guests to your kitchen.

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4. Regular Outdoor Kitchen Style

outdoor kitchen style


When building an outdoor kitchen, you can start with “How would you build your kitchen? How big is it? And how much money you would spend on it?” these questions will help you decide how you should have the layout.

But if you’re on a budget, you can just have a simple kitchen design. The most important thing is to have fun with your friends or neighbor in your yard for any special occasion.

5. Installing a Fan Outdoor Kitchen Style

outdoor kitchen style


There are lots of fun outdoor activities you can do when summer comes. And you can make use of the outdoor kitchen to make your fun activities much crazier. This kitchen also has a unique style with a wood paneling ceiling and small lights.

Although you have a spacious area, you may want to consider having a fan on the ceiling because the temperature will rise when you cook, so you obviously need something to cool it down.

6. Classic Outdoor Kitchen Style

outdoor kitchen style


If money is no object for you, building a spectacular outdoor kitchen sounds pretty interesting. Here you see the floor is made of stones that look so mesmerizing. The kitchen is built with the same material, and it uses stainless steel appliances.

Despite its high price, stainless steel is very popular as it gives you a fancy look and longevity. The roof is equipped with stunning antique lamps that create a sense of classic environment.

7. Add a Fireplace

outdoor kitchen style


If you want to have a warm and welcoming outdoor kitchen, adding a fireplace and bench along with plasma TV would be just perfect.

This one comes with a sink and countertop with chairs that allow you to sit while eating and watching your favorite show on TV – just spending your wonderful evening with family or friends.

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8. Impressive Layout

outdoor kitchen style


With a breathtaking layout, this kitchen would be one of the best outdoor kitchens you’ve ever seen. The roof, ceiling, and appliances would make you feel jealous.

The pillar is embedded with a fireplace that increases the inviting ambiance. Have a taste the barbeque, pizza or whatever cook served while enjoying the panoramic view.

9. Spectacular View

outdoor kitchen style


A fashionable outdoor kitchen doesn’t only rely on the design itself. It can be a combination of a good plan and execution. This wonderful kitchen is the result.

You must be amazed by this luxurious outdoor kitchen with top-notch kitchen appliances, furniture, and layout. Not to mention the stunning sphere-shaped lights that proved dim lighting.

10. Classy Style

outdoor kitchen style


You would spend your whole evening time here. A nice place evokes a comfortable feeling that affects your mood. Your meals would taste much tastier when you eat in such a lovable place.

11. Wooden Panel

outdoor kitchen style


With a closed environment, you might be wondering if this is an outdoor kitchen. Yes, it is. The cozy look comes from the wood paneling floor and ceiling. It also has a refrigerator in which you can store some cold drinks or fresh fruits.

A fireplace is mounted in a stone wall on which a plasma TV hanging. Sleek lines make the kitchen look elegant.

12. Create a Walkway

outdoor kitchen style


This outdoor kitchen not only looks splendid with a pergola, but it really merges nicely with nature and surroundings. Concrete tiles flooring with a neutral color makes a great combination with stainless steel appliances.

There’s also a walkway that can help your feet to stay dry when raining while the green grass blends naturally with the neutral look of the floor.

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13. Old-Fashioned Look

outdoor kitchen style


Having an old-fashioned and traditional look, this outdoor kitchen fits to run a casual party at home. Ask your close pals or neighbor to come over, have a piece of tasty meat or barbeque with cold beverages, and liven your day up.

14. Sleek Surface

outdoor kitchen style


What a great outdoor kitchen it is! This yard is constructed with bricks and it looks impressive that it enhances its look with wooden countertop under an astonishing pergola.

The sleek surfaces leave a relaxed homey feeling. The surroundings are just peaceful and comfortable areas that make you reluctant to leave this place.

15. A Garden-Like Kitchen

outdoor kitchen style


With a semi-circular roof, this garden-like kitchen sure isn’t just an ordinary one. The stone flooring will make you go crazy just by looking at it – it’s so appealing. The table and chairs come in the same material and colors.

This would be an outdoor kitchen idea that you should consider when thinking of building one on your yard.

16. Terracotta Flooring Style

outdoor kitchen style


Another wonderful outdoor kitchen you can steal the idea from. White bricks are used as the material of the island with a sleek surface along with a sink.

There are two pendant lights hanging on the stunning white paneling ceiling. The terracotta tile flooring infuses such a traditional look that creates a relaxed atmosphere.

17. A Paradise on Yard

outdoor kitchen style


It’s like you have a tiny paradise on your yard. Everything seems to look well-organized and well-planned from choosing the materials for the floor, wall, and ceiling.

The swimming pool is a nice addition you should be very proud of. With this kitchen on your yard, your home won’t just a place with a wide lifeless yard. It’s a fun and lively one.

An outdoor kitchen style can be created by forming many different elements, features, and materials. Which of this idea you’re most interested in?

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