The Best Indoor Plants For Your Kitchen

  FeastHome – Cultivating indoor plants has become a huge trend with the millennial generation. This love of nature with limited space has created a unique subculture of indoor gardeners. Even interior designers are using indoor plants as key decor elements. In the kitchen, indoor plants can be both fashionable and functional. Choosing edible plants … Read more

Kitchen Details That Will Make You Say ‘Wow’

  FeastHome – What’s a home without a kitchen? This room is so quintessential that it makes sense to invest in keeping it modern, clean, functional, and attractive. Most people will start a redesign project by considering the colors and appliances. While you can add as many items and details as you wish, kitchens are … Read more

5 Interesting Artsy Ways To Decorate Your Kitchen

FeastHome – Kitchen decor and design are continuously evolving. Designers are exploring how to make this space feel more liveable, especially as home sizes get smaller. And why not? After all, the kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. Now you can leave the mass-produced food prints and cliche “eat” signs in the … Read more

You’ll Need It! The Ornamental Kitchen Garden

Ornamental Kitchen Garden

FeastHome – An ornamental kitchen garden is exactly what it sounds. It’s a garden near your kitchen where you can grow vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers. It is a very trending topic and it has many benefits. If you are already excited about it, great! If not, read on, you’ll learn to like the idea. … Read more

Ultimate Black Color Kitchen Ideas

black color kitchen

FeastHome – Black color kitchen is one of the most uncommon choices for a kitchen. However, it’s quite popular to be applied in a Modern style kitchen. With dark color such as Black, you can create a timeless, bold, and elegant kitchen. Choosing black as the main scheme of your kitchen is kind of an … Read more

Why Should You Invest in Kitchen Decoration?

FeastHome – Kitchen is a place where theimportant actions of our home take place.It’s the true heart of the home. Kitchen decoration is the process of decorating your kitchen using some accessories or things which makeyour kitchen look more lively and beautiful. Most women tend to decorate their kitchen. Some women say“A kitchen reflects who … Read more