10 Farmhouse Dining Table For Any Homey Design

Farmhouse kitchen

FeastHome – Farmhouse style is related to something traditional and rural. This style usually uses a wood material to quickly bring the farmhouse look. But, do you know that farmhouse style is able to make any look, not only traditional and rural look? If you do not believe it, you can look at these farmhouse … Read more

10 EZ Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen!

Decorate Kitchen

FeastHome – On several occasions, people place too much attention on the interior decoration of their homes, leaving out the kitchen. Since the primary role of the kitchen is to reserve a space in which food is prepared, you can decide to make your kitchen a place that you would like to visit over and … Read more

10 Elegant Roll-out Drawers For Any Room You Love

Roll-out Drawers

FeastHome – There are a lot of storages types which are suitable for your needs. From a cabinet, rack, box, and drawers. Those types of storages are beneficial for you to safely store your things. Drawers are suitable to be used as storage for any room. From the bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and many more. … Read more

10 Cozy Hanging Up Pots Design For Practicality

Hanging Up Pots

FeastHome – Do you prioritize a practicality in your kitchen in order to support your cooking activity? Then, the hanging up pots might be suitable for you. The hanging up pots act like an open cabinet. So that you do not have to open and close the cabinets every time when you need to take … Read more