10 Copper Kitchen Design for A Warm Kitchen

Copper kitchen design

FeastHome – Do you want a warm atmosphere to be present in the kitchen at your house? Then, copper kitchen design may be suitable for you. Both the copper colors and the material itself will make your kitchen looks so warm. Moreover, a copper design is able to be combined with various styles and element. … Read more

9 Fascinating Ideas for Practical U-shaped Kitchen

U-shaped Kitchen

FeastHome – From various kitchen layouts that people can choose, there is no doubt that u-shaped kitchen can be considered as the most practical option. With this kitchen layout, people can find the space for storage or kitchen appliances compared to other layouts. You might consider this layout for your large kitchen. Here an article … Read more

5 Reasons Why Modular Kitchen Designs Are The Latest Trend in Home Decor

Modular Kitchen Designs

FeastHome – Modular kitchen is the latest kitchen set model that is mostly used currently. The modular kitchen has some benefits if it is compared to the conventional kitchen model. This popular kitchen design is easily installed in a kitchen with some sizes and layout. Those may become reasons why modular kitchen designs are the latest trend … Read more