9 Simplest Ways to Build Rustic Tuscan Kitchen Design

FeastHome – Rustic Tuscan kitchen looks elegant and luxurious. This style inspired from Italian architecture in Tucsany. If you want to have Rustic Tucsan kitchen, share this article about simplest ways to build rustic tucsan kitchen design, so you will know more about Rustic Tucsan kitchen.

There are so many ways to get a luxury kitchen, for example is applying Rustic Tuscan kitchen design. Are you familiar with this design? Rustic Tuscan kitchen design is a kitchen style that brings rich warm tones, Rustic cabinetry and Italian architecture together to create a gorgeous space for cooking and dining.

People choose this style because this style is elegant and luxurious. How to build Rustic Tuscan kitchen design? You can try the simplest ways below:

1. Choose Color Scheme for Rustic Tuscan Kitchen

Rustic Tuscan kitchen

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Every kitchen style has basic color. Whenever you want to build Rustic Tuscan color, think about color scheme. Rustic Tuscan kitchens typically use warm colors usually used in Tuscany, such as ochre, orange, or terracotta.

Those colors are dominant in Rustic Tuscan kitchen. So, you can choose one of those colors for designing your own kitchen. One of the colors mentioned before can be used as cabinetry color, wall color, or other element in your kitchen.

2. Cabinetry for Rustic Tuscan Kitchen

Rustic Tuscan kitchen

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Cabinetry is important element of kitchen. Whenever you want to build Rustic Tuscan kitchen design, choose cabinetry with matte, rustic finishes. Why? Cabinetry with matte and rustic finishes are preferred in Tuscan kitchens because it gives well-used look or worn out look.

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You can also choose cabinetry which has natural color. Not only about Rustic finishes, cabinetry used in Tuscan kitchens are usually glass-door cabinets and open displays. Tuscany people choose glass-door cabinets to showcase Italian ceramics and other items.

So, one of simplest way to build Rustic Tuscan kitchen design is choosing glass door cabinetry with matte, rustic finishes.

3. Countertop with Natural Stones

Rustic Tuscan kitchen

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How to build Rustic Tuscan kitchen design? Other simplest way you can try is choosing countertop with natural stones. Yes, countertop for Tuscan kitchen style is usually countertop with matte, natural stones.

Compare to glossy materials, people in Tuscany like natural stone for countertop materials. But about kitchen backsplash, Tuscan kitchen can be dominated by glossy tiles or stones to add little more contrast.

Whenever you want to have a Rustic Tuscany kitchen, you can try to choose countertop made of natural stone and kitchen backsplash with glossy materials.

4. Choose Proper Flooring Material

Rustic Tuscan kitchen

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The color of flooring influences the look of a kitchen. For you who want to have Rustic Tuscan kitchen, you can choose flooring material that looks warm. Yes, Tuscan style relates to the use of warmer color palette.

So, some recommended flooring materials for building Tuscan kitchen design are terracotta tiles, mosaic tiles, marble, ceramic tiles, hand-painted tiles for accent, and hardwood.

Choose material that you like the most, because you may want a luxurious and comfortable kitchen. If you choose material you like the most, you will feel comfortable when you are in your kitchen.

5. Motifs for Rustic Tuscan Kitchen

Rustic Tuscan kitchen

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Don’t forget about motifs when you design a Rustic Tuscan kitchen. There are some common motifs usually used in Tuscan kitchens, such as flowers, olives, vines, and lemons. Choose motive you like the most. Every motif brings elegant and luxurious look in a Tuscan kitchen.

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Some of you may confuse about how to apply the motifs. Remember that a motif can be applied in various kitchen elements, such as cabinetry carvings, stenciled on table tops or cabinet doors, hand-painted on ceramic tiles, and many more.

A beautiful motif can add aesthetic look in Rustic Tuscan kitchen. You can also choose a motif and try to apply it in your kitchen. Finally, your Rustic Tuscan kitchen will be more beautiful and elegant. But, don’t combine some motifs, because it may make your kitchen looks overwhelming.

6. Mix In Metals

Rustic Tuscan kitchen

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From some explanations above, we know that Rustic Tuscan kitchen relates to natural stone or materials. But, it doesn’t mean that Rustic Tuscan can’t include other materials, such as metals.

Actually, you can also add something made of metals to make your Rustic Tuscan kitchen looks more awesome. For example, you can choose cabinet hardware, faucets, and ornate light fixtures that made of metals.

Metals help create aesthetic and durable look in your Tuscan kitchen. Finally, your kitchen will not only look elegant, but also aesthetic and reliable.

7. Choose Weathered Wood

Rustic Tuscan kitchen

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It is other simple way to build Rustic Tuscan kitchen design. Choosing cabinet made of weathered wood is a good idea to create Rustic Tuscan style in your kitchen. Weathered wood cabinet still looks beautiful although you have used it for many years.

As mentioned before, Rustic Tuscan relates to warmer color or tone. Wood can create warm look in a room, include kitchen. If you feel so confuse to create gorgeous weathered look, choose wood species with lots of earthy mottling and the grain of burled wood.

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Finally, weathered wood makes a kitchen looks warm and cozy. It can also create Rustic Tuscan style in your kitchen.

8. Kitchen Island for Rustic Tuscan Kitchen

Rustic Tuscan kitchen

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A kitchen will look so perfect with a kitchen island. Whenever you choose a kitchen island for Rustic Tuscan kitchen, you can choose a large kitchen island.

A large kitchen island creates luxurious look, especially if you combine it with antique Tuscan kitchen lighting, exposed ceiling beams, and terra-cotta tiles. The combination of them create awesome look in your kitchen.

You can also trim your kitchen with various shades of brown meld. It creates warm look in your Rustic Tuscan kitchen.

9. Backsplash and Lightings for Rustic Tuscan Kitchen

Rustic Tuscan kitchen

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Rustic Tuscan kitchen style is identical with warm color. But sometime, it will look monotone if you don’t use motifs or focal point.

So, consider about backsplash color and lightings. About backsplash, you can apply patterned tiles to make the backsplash looks more exotic. And about lighting, choose elegant and luxurious lighting that looks antique, such as a wrought-iron Tuscan style chandelier. It adds vintage style to your Rustic Tuscan kitchen.

Actually, there are still many ways to build rustic Tuscan kitchen style. But, the ways above are very simple to try. So, how to build rustic kitchen design? The answer is by trying the ways mentioned above properly. Read other article about simplest way to build rustic Tuscan kitchen design to make you easier when building your own rustic kitchen.

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